Managment System of
Pakistan Businessmen Association


|Founder & Founder Member Supreme Body

Founder & Founder Member Supreme Bodyis the foundation of PBA, the aim and responsibility of this body is to execute the association’s aims and objectives; i.e., unite all the national and international businessmen under one roof, to empower the corporative sector, with the mission to make the businessmen stronger so the nation could be stronger economically, and businessmen have an identity and be recognized around the globe. To strive for the stated mission, Association does need a strong team, who could make the policies and implement them. This mission is not limited or easy to be achieve, for that a highly professional management system is needed; for that Founder will be holding veto power, whereas the founder members will have the regulatory powers; each department will be monitored by the upper management and chairmen;and they will be responsible to protect the association from the wrong doings, follow all the rules and regulations and conduct meetings to help each other and find the solutions of the problems and hurdles, if the founder finds the lope holes in any department, he will take action against that department and will manage by himself or appoint any responsible chairman for that department to accelerate the working of that department.

This management system is divided into following

1. Organization Managing Body

2. Central Managing Body

3. Provincial Managing Body



The function of departments is to work in National and International affairs for the members of PBA. These departments will also take care and supervise and work for the member of PBA. They will meet with the concern national and international private and public sectors. They will be organizing different events, resolving conflicts of the members,and the other services offered by the PBA.