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Pakistan Businessmen Association (PBA) was established on 13th January 2009, which was under the management of previous organization;“Pakistan Small Industries Association (PSIA)”, established on 21st October 1959. PBA safeguard protects, promotes common interest and rights of the business and businessmen.
The Association is duly registered/recognized with the “Ministry of Industry and Commerce; Sindh, Government of Pakistan” having rights, power, authority, and will to register the businessmen as the association’s membership and to provide corporative services of promotion of its member’s business interests, the development and growth of corporative sector, which will include all the categories of the business; whether it is manufacturer, service provider, trader, and others.
The Association provides the services and facilities to its members; registered under the title of “Executive Membership, Regular Membership, General Membership”, whereas these memberships have the certain criteria to register these memberships, although the services and facilities are not limited; but majorly includes legal affairs, business consultancy, assistance and business support, marketing and promotions of the business, activities and other matters of the education, sports, arranging conferences and seminars, award ceremonies, exhibitions and much more, the services are not bond with the local boundaries, association also facilitates it’s members worldwide.
Pakistan Businessmen Association is a dedicated association which purely works for the businessmen; and according to PBA businessmen is a person who is finding the problems of the general mass and providing the solutions to its intended customer on a larger scale by trading or exchanging one or other benefits, whereas the business means to PBA is finding the core problems and providing the solutions to the predetermined consumer, identifying any problem existing; whether it is related to the living being, non-living being or to the surrounding, also to the market that solution in the exchange of mutual benefits.
Association is established with the dream to unite all the businessmen on one platform, despite the competition, uniting and standing on one platform does have the power to multiply the opportunities and the growth of the business, and the success of the individual business can play a role in the sustainability of Pakistan’s economy and that participate in GDP.

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To enhance business system by providing professional assistance, recognition, modern techniques and exemplary benefits to the businessmen.


To be a modern, progressive, effective, autonomous and credible organization for optimizing business & businessmen opportunities by providing necessary guidelines and basic knowledge to our valued members.


1. Integrity
2. Professionalism
3. Team Work
4. Courtesy
5. Fairness
6. Transparency
7. Responsiveness


Aim of the association is to unite the businessperson on one platform to achieve the mutual goals, which is to promote, support and work for the growth of its member’sbusiness with the help of the technologies, strategies, giving required consultancy and implementing new business tactics in order to promote and make the business and businessmen along his family and executive staff to be recognized on local and international forums.


To achive the aim of the PBA, PBA will face a lot of hurdles, for that association have plenty of objectives, major highlighted are as followers.

Contribution to the improvement of economics, social, and cultured relation between Pakistani Businessmen and Overseas Pakistani Businessmen.

Helping with the creation of the medium that will improve the opportunities of cooperation among inland Pakistan and overseas Pakistani Businessmen

Facilitating and expediting the economics, social, and cultural solidarity among members.

The (PBA) embraces a wide respecting of well-reputed entrepreneurs, it comprises about 100 members of senior businessmen in Pakistan active in the different Pakistan economics sector including industry, commercial, agriculture, banking, insurance, construction, tourism, transport, studies, services and others. They represent the core of private sector and this qualifies the Association to act as the single unified spokesman for Pakistan businessmen in communications and meeting with similar foreign businessmen Association.

The private sector, being committed to free enterprise and entrepreneurship, and working in collaboration with the public sector, believe in partnership and co- operation with the Pakistan and overseas countries.

Makes cautionary and guiding studies for creating a positive image and bringing competitive capacity to Pakistani goods, and protection of them in Association. Complete the information necessary to the industrialist and businessmen on their subjects. Developer’s proposition to facilitate and expedite the foreign trade of the products that can compete in price and quality.

Conducts research on professional and commercial subjects, has them conducted support the research with seem appropriate.

Follows general economic developments, gathers information and statistics, transfer them to its members.

Tries to improve the information and ability of the members by meetings like seminars, symposia and conferences.

Publishes periodicals and publication like newspapers, books, magazine, and brochures expresses its view over them.

Makes necessary contacts and discourses with the directors and represented of office and private organizations and institutions settled in Pakistan, abroad in accordance with the goals of the association, announced the result its members.

Can establish working groups or commission consisted of members in order maintain the services in accordance with its goals. Can sign contracts services with professional organization or institution when necessary.

Attempt to adopt unified approach in matter of policy in all matters of interest of Businessmen in Pakistan or out of Pakistan.

Generates interest in members including the holding or participation in exhibitionwithin or outside the country.

To bring at one platform to pakistani business community together.

To assist and avail better business opportunities among Pakistan business community.